Three Loving Words by DC Renee Release & Review!


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I hate you. I heard those words so many times from his mouth that they lost their meaning. His “three loving words” is how I mockingly referred to them. It didn’t bother me, though, because I hated him, too.

He was gorgeous, with dark tousled hair, full lips, a strong jaw, and a body deserving of a magazine cover. He was rich and cared for his mother deeply. On paper, he was the perfect husband. The problem? He was my husband.

I dreamed of a fairytale love story for as long as I could remember. I dreamed of a boy to fall head over heels for me and treat me like the sun rose and set at my feet, especially after living in the shadow of my perfect sister and never feeling good enough for my family. When I decided to earn my parents’ love in a dramatic fashion, I’ll admit that I never imagined marrying him would end up part of the bargain.

The kicker? Enzo Faust didn’t want to marry me, either. And yet, here we are, a man that I both fear and loathe is my “I do…for better or worse.” I just didn’t anticipate that it’d be more ‘worse’ than ‘better.’

I’m Paige Stiles, and here’s my story.

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There has not been a single book I have read by DC that I have not liked.

She is the best at writing stories where the characters don’t have the greatest start to their relationships and go through hell and back to find peace.

This story had such an unconventional beginning, that you just want to keep reading to see how it all unfolded. The whole story was intense and at one moment I was really not liking Enzo and then there were other moments where I did, but just a little bit. By the end of the story I really had no idea how it would end, there was always something that happened that made me rethink the ending. When I did get to the ending I couldn’t of have pictured anything better.

There were so many teachable moments in this story. Time and forgiveness being some of the most important, at least to me. I really don’t know how Paige and Enzo got through what they did but it makes characters much more dynamic when they are put through a lot and somehow overcome everything. While their story was not started on the best foot, everyone involved learned from it and the outcome was great. Which I am glad because I felt bad for them for most of the book…but it made me like it even more!

Awesome job DC! I can’t wait to read more of your work in the future!

Here are some teasers I made!

Processed with Rookie Cam

Processed with Rookie Cam


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