Hawaiian Heartbreak Trilogy by Libby Cole Review!

hawaiin hearbreak libby cole

Hawaiian Heartbreak Book #1

Hawaiian Healing Book #2

Hawaiian Homecoming Book #3

The Complete Trilogy

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When do you admit a holiday fling is so much more?

Kayla’s always been scared to push her boundaries and take a risk. But it turns out all she needed was a scumbag ex-boyfriend to send her running to Hawaii, hoping to pull the shattered pieces of her heart back together while sunning herself on a white sand beach.

What she hadn’t planned on was falling for someone new. Especially someone tall, tanned, and distractingly sexy. Soon sparks and puns are flying, and Kayla is introduced to a whole new way of appreciating Hawaii’s beautiful scenery. But what starts out as a fun holiday romance turns into a full-blown love affair, with neither wanting to admit the clock is ticking until Kayla has to return home.

A combined volume of all three books in the Hawaiian Heartbreak trilogy. Recommended for readers over 18 due to explicit sexual content.

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After reading all three books back to back, I am really glad I had all of them. This series is one that you have to read in full. The relationship between Kayla and Jay got better as each book passed and I really liked each of their personalities. I think what I admired the most was the fact that they both just stayed with each other to enjoy the time they had together instead of focusing on the negative side of things. Not only that, but the fact that they went on adventures on a whim and were open to new places really makes one think about our own choices.

There are lots of books that always leave us thinking about our own life choices and this was one of them for me. I wish I would step out of what people expect me to do and have the chance to go out and explore the world. I live so close to the ocean and even go to school near it yet I never visit as often as I should. I know I am taking it for granted now and will eventually end up missing it later on. All these things were just going through my head as I was reading. I wish I was more adventurous or had someone to get me to step out of my comfort zones and explore things I wouldn’t on my own.

The fact that they both had a “live in the moment” attitude and got a lot of good things out of it will really make us all think about how we go about living our lives. The books that really make me think about all these things are some of my favorites. Yes, we enjoy the storylines of characters, but when a book makes us think beyond that is really great.

The writing was great, it just kept getting better as each book went on. I could definitely see the improvements. The chemistry between the characters got intense in a lot of scenes and really added that extra excitement in the story. Overall, this trilogy was great and I hope there is more to come!

I also had to stop by the beach on my way home the other day to take this photo!

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