Loch by Harper Bentley Release + Review

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Title: Loch (The Powers That Be #3)

Author: Harper Bentley

Release Date: Sept 30, 2015

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Loch Powers was the hottest guy I’d ever seen in my entire life.

And I hated him with every fiber of my being.

I’d practically known him since birth. Heck, we’d literally shared a crib as babies at his mom’s daycare.

Then I’d crushed on him hard when we hit middle school but he wouldn’t give geeky, glasses-wearing me the time of day. When his mom made him take me to the sixth grade dance, he’d humiliated me and I vowed to never talk to him again.

The next year when my family moved away, I told myself that if I never saw him again it’d be too soon.

Now I’m back and attending the same college, but I’m no longer the skinny, ugly girl who was so infatuated with him. And I’m so over him it’s not even funny.

But now that I’m no longer the ugly duckling, he’s set his sights on me, and I’m just not sure what to do with that.

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Author Info:

Harper Bentley has taught high school English for 22 years. Although she’s managed to maintain her sanity regardless of her career choice, jumping into the world of publishing her own books goes to show that she might be closer to the ledge than was previously thought.

After traveling the nation in her younger years as a military brat, having lived in Alaska, Washington State and California, she now resides in Oklahoma with her teenage daughter, two dogs and one cat, happily writing stories that she hopes her readers will enjoy.

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My Review

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book was a huge improvement from the last two. While the other two were also really good, I can tell the difference in writing. I really enjoyed this story, and really believed the characters in their actions. It goes to show that people just need to talk about things before their lies get out of control and hurt others in the process. The tension between the two was noticeable and really well written. The fact that these two were super smart and funny also made them perfect for each other. Knowing that the two knew each other before then kinda made this book a friends to lovers book. And the stuff that Loch says towards the end about their childhood makes it so much better! I am glad I got a chance to read these books and if you are looking for a quick fun and steamy read pick this one up!

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