Hello Everyone!

I have been waiting until the right day to finally start posting on this blog and what better day than the beginning of a new month, so I mark today as the official birthday of my blog!

Since I have not posted any reviews or anything yet, I want today’s next post to be about the books I have really enjoyed so far this year. There have been a lot, and you can see the whole list here or on my Goodreads account. I am really excited to finally start a book blog, I have been wanting to do this for years now and having a Bookstagram account has pushed me to do this as well. I am new to writing reviews and all of this but with the support from you guys and in time I know I’ll get the hang of it. For reviews I am not going to go all into depth on them, it all depends how much I have to say for them. But I will definitely post when I read a really good book and whenever there are sales or free Amazon books. I tend to one-click books a lot on Amazon, I follow a lot of great book blogs on Facebook and if I see one that catches my attention or is free I will most likely download it. So if you follow my blog you will be getting emails on those posts so you guys don’t miss out on some good books. There have been a lot of books I download for free that have been some of the best I have read. As time goes on I want to do some author spotlights on my favorite authors, I will also be posting about new and upcoming releases and I will just see where this blog takes me as I learn the ropes. If you follow me on Instagram (@nightreads) and also have a book blog let me know so I can follow your blog as well! Thank You everyone for taking the time to read this and I hope to have a lot of fun with this!

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  1. So glad I found your blog! I’m just starting mine out too! I’ve been reaching out more towards NA and Adult Romance lately and your blog seems to be the right place for me to find some great books! I will be glad to follow along on your journey!


    1. If you like those two genres then keep an eye out on my blog since those are the genres I read the most of! Or if you also have a Goodreads account, add me on that since I am constantly adding books to it. I took a look at your blog and I really like the layout 🙂 I hope we both learn the ropes to book blogging.
      BTW, do you have an Instagram or are a member of bookstagram?


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